Ironbull Reg'd Bullmastiffs

Breed Information

Poaching game on large British estates had gone on for years, but by the end of the 19th century, it carried a death sentence if the poacher was apprehended. Knowing the penalty, poachers went armed to kill the gamekeeper rather than be caught. Gamekeepers needed help in the form of a dog to warn them of the presence of poachers and to aid them in a fight. By combining the Bulldog and the Mastiff, they created a silent, agile dog that could attack on command, knock down a man and hold him without mauling or biting. The "gamekeeper’s night dog" was created and christened the Bullmastiff. The breed gained official recognition in England in 1924

General Appearance
When you think bullmastiffs you should think powerful build, symmetrical, showing great strength but not cumbersome, sound and active. The standard's ask for a "square" dog-ensuring maximum resistance to blows by a poacher, making it difficult to knock over or unbalance the dog. To achieve this shape the height at the shoulders is approximately the same as the length of the body.

Height & Weight
Adults will range from 24-27 inches at the withers and weight from 100-145 lbs.

The Bullmastiff is bold, fearless and courageous as well as powerful, enduring, active and reliable. Intelligent and quick to learn, a Bullmastiff should be observant and of an inquiring nature. Discriminating, but a devoted guard. The dog needs to be strong enough to be capable of working in all weathers for long hours at steady speeds and then be able to exhibit sudden bursts of energy for a short time if necessary.

High-spirited, alert and faithful, a happy companion was appreciated by the lonely life of the gamekeeper. The Bullmastiff's role today is as a companion in the home and people want a reliable tempered dog.

In the beginning, the preferred colour was dark brindle, making the Bullmastiff almost invisible in the dark. With the disappearance of poaching, red and fawn became more popular colours. A black mask and dark ears are essential parts of the breed colouration.
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